Partnerships help OPR

Oxford University, Ohio Wesleyan
Central Washington University,
and Oregon State University have
provided to OPR student interns,
such as OSU's ZWE club above,
and OWU veterianry student
'Sarah' below.

University partnerships help OPR  
provide services to support the
OPR mission.

To partner, please contact  
us at
(360) 575-9231
OPR is a USDA licensed sanctuary. We are an independent, 501(c)(3)
non-profit organization that was first established on a small acreage in
Dallas Oregon in 1998.

In 2008 we were blessed with a secluded 28 acre sanctuary in beautiful
Longview,  Washington. Safely nestled among the fir trees and
surrounded by nature, this truly is a place where the monkeys feel at

Oregon Primate Rescue has adopted the name
"OPR Coastal Primate
due to our new location and not wanting to appear
geographically specific.

To learn more about our sanctuary click here
The mission of OPR is to provide lifetime care in a humane and enriching environment to unwanted, orphaned or
crippled monkeys that originate from private owners, from government agencies, and to those retiring from a life
of research.

OPR raises awareness of the complexities involved in keeping primates as pets, and to discuss adult or aberrant
behaviors caused by various aspects of captive life, in hopes of reducing the number of unwanted primates in the
private sector. OPR stresses the importance of preserving wildlife habitat, and how human encroachment affects
primate species in the wild.

OPR offers health, diet, enrichment and management information to all who care for captive primates, in an effort
to promote humane conditions for primates maintained in all captive environments.
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OPR Coastal Primate Sanctuary
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