Destruction of their natural habitat:  
Encroachment into their territories in the wild and destruction of their natural
habitats are interrupting their ability to successfully co-exist with us and live as
nature intended. As a result they are being forced into human environments
where they must revert to raiding crops for survival. We
must find solutions to
reverse the damage we're doing and we must become more
pro-active in
preserving our natural resources.

Human encroachment:
Encroachment into their habitats, depletion of their natural food sources and the
pollution of their waters are forcing them into human areas.
They are killed for raiding human crops  when there's nothing else for them to eat.

Bush meat trade:
In addition to killing our closest non-human relatives for profit and for food
consumption, some are killed just for the sport of it. Others are killed just  to have
a memento such as a Gorilla hand ash tray, or fur pelt to hang on the wall.

Illegal pet trade:
While illegal, primates are still poached from their countries of origin due to the
tremendous profit from the illegal sale of infant monkeys, who are ripped from
the dying arms of their mothers who are killed during the abduction. Many infants
never survive the grueling trip into civilization.
Sadly, the trade of
bush meat will
continue to
flourish until
hunters are
provided with
other viable
options to make a
Deforestation in Madagascar
In the wild, the sky is the limit for endless acrobatic exploration and play.
It is the "Freedom place" where primates were meant to live out their
lives and to flourish.      
Polly Schultz
The issues...
Illegal pet trade
Mother monkeys
along with other
members of a troop
will fight to the death
trying to protect their
infants from
CONSERVATION in the wild...
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