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Male Rhesus Macaque
Retired from research

Isaac is a very large, very
strong warrior! But he has a
very sweet soul and sensitive

Isaac's story was published in
the AWI Spring 2017 edition
where his vivid and amazing
imagination is described.

A MUST read article! Isaac is
an amazing monkey!

Isaacs favorite foods are  
mango, peanuts in the shell,
and rhubarb.
Male Java Macaque
Court case /Animal abuse 1

Keiki recovered from serious
injuries deliberately inflicted by his
owner. One of his macerated
fingers required amputation. Keiki
is being treated for a heart
condition but he is thriving at OPR.

Keiki has a very sweet, but serious
personality. He enjoys spending
time with Mandy Pants, another
Java, and he enjoys playing in the
hose. His favorite treats are frozen
grapes, and apple slices dipped in
peanut butter.

At OPR, Keiki will never again fear
the hand of a human!
Female Java Macaque
Was a display in a pet store

Holly is thriving at OPR and
loves to forage through the
shavings for trail mix and
meal worms!

Holly is currently paired with
a young research retiree
"Louise" and thriving!

Holly loves to peel cherry
wood branches and lick
peanut butter from a spoon.
She also enjoys watching
movies on the big screen
TV's in the macaque barn.

Some came from misinformed owners, who tried to give them a good home, but were overwhelmed by the needs of a monkey. Others were horribly
mistreated by abusive owners, who faced criminal charges for their actions. Still others were retired from research institutions after they were no longer
needed for experiments.
Monkeys who still need sponsors!
Keiki and his friend Mandy hanging out on a floating PVC ladder.
George gives Holly a back massage in the tunnels on a warm
spring day.
Male Java Macaque

Tyler is autistic and doesn't do well
with most monkeys because he
can't tolerate physical contact for
longer than 8 seconds at any one
time. He is timid, sensitive and
very sweet natured.

He enjoys playing with his Teddy
bears, manipulating treats from
the puzzle feeders, playing in the
water, and watching TV.

He has taken great interest in
"Jala" and enjoys grooming her on
occasion through the safety
Mandy Pants
Female Java Macaque

Mandy uses sign language when she
wants her human caretakers or other
monkeys to groom her. She also signs
when she wants more food.

Mandy is a bit chubby as she seems to
have a slow metabolism, so we offer her
low calorie treats between meals.

Her favorite foods are bananas and
tamarind. She enjoys spending time with
her friend Keiki.
Mandy and Keiki watching TV from their indoor enclosure.
Male Java macaque
Retired from research

Batista's favorite food is
watermelon. He enjoys foraging for
meal worms and crickets.

He enjoys watching the horses run
through the fields, and alerts his
humans when deer or other
wildlife pass through.

He loves to watch NatGeo Wild on
his big screen TV!
Rhesus macaque
Abducted from the wild

George continues to recover from
his cruel abduction and has
become king of the barn. He is an
alpha male and very proud of his
rank position.

George loves to practice making
'tough expressions' in the mirror
and because he is self aware, he
does know that it is himself he is
looking at.

His favorite activity is swimming or
other water play, and he loves
hunting for bugs and chasing frogs.

His favorite foods are cauliflower
and grapes, but he also loves
picking peanut butter out of his
puzzle feeders.
George then.....
George now.
Male Java macaque
Retired from research

Patrice is unsafe to pair with
other monkeys but enjoys
watching TV, and watching
wildlife in the pastures.

He loves to play with wooden
blocks and peel the bark
from cherry tree branches.

His favorite foods are raisins
and pears.
Thelma Lou
Female Java macaque
Retired from research

Thelma Lou joined the OPR
family in June of 2017. She is
adapting to her new life and
thriving with her new found
monkey friends!

Thelma is a rambunctious
little juvenile who loves
hunting for bugs in her
outdoor enclosure, and
exploring new areas with her
new found friend 'Eve'.

Her favorite foods are
strawberries and dried mango!
Female Java macaque

Eve sucks her thumb, and looks very
innocent. She slaps the wall to get her
humans attention. She enjoys grooming the
arms of her human caretakers and removing
shoe laces!

Eve was somewhat of a bully to the other
Javas during her juvenile years but has
matured and become more reasonable with
age. In the Summer of 2017 Eve found a best
friend in a young research retiree "Thelma
Lou" and the two have become best of

Eve enjoys swimming and playing in the water
during the summer months. She loves to play
with Teddy bears and human dolls.

Her favorite foods are red grapes (NOT
GREEN) she will throw green ones out of her
enclosure, act like you've done something
terrible, and pout. She also loves celery with
a dab of peanut butter.
Eve and Thelma Lou hanging out on a hanging PVC ladder
Cornelius P Fluffernutter III
Male Java macaque

Corney thinks quite highly of himself, and is
just a silly little goof ball.

He lacks social skills needed to safely pair with
another monkey, but we're still working on his
social skills and mental issues and have hope
to pair him in the future.

Corney enjoys large Nylabones, and Hercules
bones as he loves the loud noise they make
when he hurls them at the wall.

Corney loves munching on meal worms and
eating peanuts in the shell!

This little guy is doing well but is being treated
for a serious bone problem caused by
malnutrition at an early age.
Corney gets to know 'Eve' in the tunnels, just long enough to realize she is
a mean girl and he does not like her anymore! (Corney thinks EVERYONE is
a mean girl) But it was fun while it lasted!
Keiki then...

Keiki now, 17 years later
Female Java macaque
Retired from research

Louise retired from research in 2017 and joined the OPR family.

She has found a best friend in "Holly", who recently divorced
"Cosmo" (He was cheating on her, she hired an attorney and
plans to get all of his stuff)

In the meantime the two girls have become inseparable! It's
heartwarming to watch such a great friendship blossoming!

Louise loves hugging Holly, hanging out in the outdoor
playgrounds and eating grapes.
Male Java macaque

Jack is an avid swimmer
and spends a great deal
of time diving into the
macaque pool and
searching for water frogs.

His friend 'Pearly Su
(right) enjoys having him
groom her fur.

Jack loves to play with
Kong toys stuffed with
trail mix, and forage for

His favorite foods are
walnuts in the shell and
fresh blueberry branches.
Jack and Pearly Su enjoy finding fresh blueberries on branches
in their outdoor enclosure.
Female Java macaque
Neglect case

Jala's prognosis for
survival was grim. While
she has doubled her
weight and her mobility
has improved, Jala still
has a long road to

Every day when Jala is
fed, she becomes vocally
excited and thanks us
before she eats.

Jala loves to play in the
water and has found
many friends at OPR. She
is one of the sweetest
souls we have ever
Jala enjoys having her ears groomed by her
new friend.
Male Java macaque

Gracie Mae the wonder dog kept
Cosmo company until he was old
enough to join his older cousins.

Cosmo is a rambunctious juvenile
who loves everything in life. He is
an avid hunter of bugs, a great
swimmer. He can leap higher, run
faster and play longer than any of
his cousins!

Cosmo loves Teddy bears, and

His favorite foods are blueberries,
tamarind and corn on the cob.
When Cosmo met Jala
he thought she was
pretty cute...
But when he met Holly, he knew he had found his
companion for life! Macaques choose their own
friends! But then he became a juvenile delinquent,
Holly divorced him, now he's paired with Jack... that's
how it is with macaques!
Batista watching horses run through the pastures
Sick and emaciated on arrival, Jala
could barely stand.
Jala two years later, from 4 to 8
pounds and continuing to thrive!
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Male Rhesus Macaque
Retired from research

'Max', had a root canal on
arrival for a painful and
recurring abscessed tooth.
For the first time in a long time
he is free from dental pain!

He joined the other macaques,
and enjoys exploring the great

Max loves peanut butter and
raisins in a Kong toy, and he
loves 'reading' magazines and
tearing them into tiny pieces!

What a great monkey!
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Male Mexican Spider Monkey

Zac has beautiful piercing blue eyes
which is rare but sometimes seen in
Spider monkeys.

Spider monkeys have long prehensile
tails which are used much like another
hand. Zac loves to hang by his tail and
swing like a pendulum.

Unlike their macaque cousins, Spider
monkeys are frugivores and eat only
fruit,  some leaves and a bit of bark
from fruit trees.

Zacs' favorite food is mango!
Help us take care of Zac
Holly                              Louise