Planned Giving
If you share our passion for primates and if you want to make a difference
that will continue long after you're time and leave behind a legacy of
compassion, please consider joining our Planned Giving Program!
The National Council on Planned Giving  listed the top three reasons
people donate to charity as:
OPR 2016 BOD Survey listed the top three reasons we need your
donations as:
We can't just assume someone else will step up to the plate and provide care
for the primates after we're gone. We can't assume someone will continue a
desperately needed educational program. We can't assume someone else will
be a voice for so many primates who suffer in silence. If you're passionate
about the plight of the primates, please do something formal about it
Consult with your estate attorney to find out about the benefits of planned
giving! Or contact us for help.      
What is Tax-Wise
A process of integrating one's
financial, estate and
philanthropic goals then
structuring a gift that advances
each of these goals.

Gift usually involves a legal
document (i.e. Will, trust, real
estate deed, etc.) and is known
as a planned gift.
Caring and Sharing
PHILANTHROPY enables you to move from being successful to being significant...
2013 Official Website
  • A strong desire to support the charity
  • The use by charity
  • Desire to reduce taxes
  • Expansion projects to accommodate a greater number of primates needing
  • Implementation of additional educational programs focused on
    conservation of habitats in the wild and humane treatment for primates in
    all captive environments
  • Continuation of the OPR mission long after our time
Please help us make a difference for
monkeys like Jala!