Her owner loved her as an infant, but when she grew up and started to BITE...
23 year old Stump Tailed Macaque "Bam Bam" spent the next 18 years of her life locked in
the cage pictured below, (and close up photo top right) before she was rescued and
transported to the OPR facility. She suffered in silence for so long. No enrichment,
inadequate diet, and breathing black mold and algae spores for so many years caused
critical physical and emotional problems which ultimately claimed her life in November
2005. We will never forget Bam Bam and her will to survive...
A Tribute to Bam Bam
Raised as a 'human' infant....                                                 But then she 'grew up'...              
Soothing her old bones with
warmed blankets...
Other OPR Rescues
Our peace is knowing that the last 9 months of her life
were enriched. She felt the warm sunshine, she heard
birds twilling in the distance and she enjoyed
companionship from other monkeys. Bam Bam will be in
our hearts forever.
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After biting his human, Kermie was padlocked in a small dog
crate from the time he was 5 until he was 10 years old. Then
with atrophied muscles from his cruel confinement, he went to
his 2nd home where he endured  7 years of neglect and cruel
confinement. Kermie was placed with OPR at 17 years of age.
When he arrived he was profoundly dehydrated and neurotically
rocking under a fleece blanket as pictured to the left. I cried as I
watched him drift in and out of reality, the worst case of mental
illness I have ever seen in a monkey. After extensive medical
testing Kermie was further diagnosed with an array of diet
related health problems which we hoped might in part resolve
with adequate nutrition. But he was also diagnosed with
emphysema and early stage lung cancer due to living in a
smoke filled environment for so many years.

We hope for a day when no creature would have to endure such

On Saturday January 22nd, 2011 Our precious Kermie lost his
battle with cancer and slipped away during the night. Our only
comfort is that during his last years he was able to experience
an enriched life at OPR in the company of his best friend Tyler,
and with compassionate humans who cherished and cared for
him. He knew he was loved, and his last days were so very
Dubbed :"Kermie"
because of the way he
hopped along like a frog
due to his atrophied leg
Kermie...In our hearts forever!
Her frail and dehydrated little body was
riddled with disease and she was
suffering from long term dietary
deficiencies. Amber tested positive for
every virus in the New World panel, and
was gravely ill. She had been suffering
for a very long time and for her, help
came too late. Her owner wasn't aware
of the seriousness of this little monkeys
condition as she had never provided her
with veterinary care, or obtained any
medical testing.

To prevent further suffering Amber was
sadly and humanely euthanized.

For anyone keeping captive primates,
providing routine medical testing and
veterinary  care is critically important for
the safety and well-being of the
non-human primates as well as the
human primates!
"Amber" (below) is sedated
during quarantine for medical