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Monkeys Don’t Wear Diapers


Author Polly Schultz provides insights into the remarkable lives of monkeys at OPR Coastal Primate Sanctuary

The legal and illegal trade in monkeys is staggering. These monkeys are almost always condemned to a horrible life, as even their most basic needs are well beyond the capacity of most people to handle.

In Monkeys Don’t Wear Diapers: Heartwarming and Heartbreaking Stories from a Monkey Sanctuary, author Polly Schultz tells the stories of a special group of monkeys who have come to OPR Coastal Primate Sanctuary (OPR)—which Schultz founded in 1998 and continues to direct today.

Some of the monkeys at OPR came from merely misinformed people who meant no harm, but were overwhelmed by the burden of caring for a monkey. Others were horribly mistreated by abusive owners, who reacted with anger or abandonment when the bewildered animal failed to become a tame and docile pet. Still others were retired from research institutions after they were no longer needed for experiments.

Each chapter of the book, published by Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) and co-authored by AWI laboratory animal advisor, Dr. Kenneth Litwak, gives the reader a brief glimpse into the life of a different monkey taken in by Schultz.

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Macaques enjoy swimming in the pool during warmer weather

“Polly Schultz is among the world’s leading experts on how to care for and love monkeys in need. In her landmark book, she offers compelling stories of the awesome beings with whom she and her co-workers have tirelessly and selflessly worked at OPR Coastal Primate Sanctuary. Monkeys Don’t Wear Diapers is a game changer and deserves a global audience.”

– MARC BEKOFF, author of The Emotional Lives of Animals and Rewilding Our Hearts

“Polly’s stories about the monkeys she has teach us about their unique personalities as fellow animal beings. It is a book made up of stories of abuse, compassion and caring.”

– ROGER FOUTS, co-founder of Friends of Washoe and author of Next of Kin

“As someone who has dedicated much time and effort in Congress to defending animal protection and welfare, I highly recommend Monkeys Don’t Wear Diapers for anyone who has a passion for animals. This book makes the compelling case for why legislation is needed to prohibit the keeping of monkeys as pets

– REP. JIM MORAN, co-chairman of the Congressional Animal Protection Caucus (retired)

In the wild, the sky is the limit for endless acrobatic exploration and play.
It is the “Freedom place” where primates were meant to live out their
lives and to flourish. – Polly Schultz