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Our Heroes

For the love of Jonah Lee

This dream to make a positive difference in the lives of our closest relatives in the animal kingdom who are suffering and without hope. To bring comfort to those who are afraid.

To provide warmth to those who are cold, and to give love to those without. You have provided a means by which lives will be made whole again, and worth living.

And by your selfless acts of kindness you have etched a place deep into our hearts that will never be forgotten.

Robert Reichers and Jann Dryer, OPR Heroes forever in our hearts!

You have left your physical bodies and are with the angels, yet every day I can feel your presence watching over our beloved primates. Each day as I pause to hold the outreached hand of a special needs monkey, I realize what a tremendous impact your gift has made to the OPR mission. Your love, compassion and generosity will enable the sanctuary to continue its mission of hope long past our time. You are heroes in our world and forever in our hearts!

The Douglas & Gloria Rumberger Foundation

Heroes Damon, Daylee & Kiersten Shaw pictured above with Polly, present OPR with a generous contribution from the Douglas & Gloria Rumberger Foundation.

We can never thank you enough for helping us make such a positive difference in our world!

Thank you for your generous contributions and helping us make a difference in the lives of our
resident monkeys!

Because of you we are able to continue our mission of hope for the future! 

Jean Barr, A hero to the animal kingdom!

Jean, you were an angel on earth as you are now in the heavens and we will never forget your kindness!

Thank you for making our new outdoor macaque area possible and for providing financial security for the resident monkeys. We are eternally grateful for your generosity!

Specialist Dr. Jeff and Tina flew a long way to give Holly back her smile!

Project: Fix Holly’s teeth!

We are eternally grateful and just can’t thank you enough for coming so far, volunteering your time and
working so hard to help our Holly!

Holly broke one tooth and chipped another in a rough housing accident with her pal George, and needed root canals and minor gum surgery. But working with macaque teeth is not an easy task. Their root systems are more complicated than humans and much longer. Because of their complexity many veterinarians will refer cases such as Hollys to specialists like Dr. Jeff. The problem is that specialists in this field who also
have experience with macaques are far and few between, and rarely close by.

As an Endodontist also having experience working with macaques, Dr. Jeff was beyond a perfect match for the type of doctor we needed to fix Holly’s teeth! He treated her with no less regard than he would any of his human patients. He was so gentle with her making sure she would not feel any discomfort during the procedure, and did a wonderful job with her!

What compassionate human beings!

Thank you both for being a Hero to our Holly!

Specialist Dr. Jeff and Tina flew a long way to give Holly back her smile!


With generous funding from Jean Barr & The Douglas & Gloria Rumberger Foundation, we were able to resurface & seal the concrete floors in the macaque

easier on the monkeys feet, it’s impervious to moisture so really controls the odor and takes half the time to clean!

The product we used for this project also closed the gap between the bottom of the
walls and the floors, making it seamless which make things much more sanitary!

The existing hardy plank walls were overlaid with FRP board and are now impervious to moisture and so much easier to clean!


Our original concrete was poured during a freeze and the cream froze causing it to crumble over the years. It was full of little pot holes and difficult to clean.

A local company gave a bid of over $10,000.00 to repair the concrete last year and OPR didn’t have the funds. It seemed unlikely that we would be able to repair this problem anytime soon as there were so many other priority needs such as unexpected high veterinary bills last year, extra propane to heat the monkey areas
during extremely cold weather, bedding, food, and ongoing repairs.


The monkeys new outdoor playground is now a reality thanks to our Heroes!


These majestic Rhesus macaques retired from a life of research not knowing such a paradise awaited them. The boys spend hours a day exploring and enjoying their new digs at OPR!

Words alone can never thank you enough for helping us enrich the lives of these primates and all of their cousins!

Watching them bask in the sun in the sky walks, dip their toes in the macaque pool and run their fingers through the warm sand in the sand boxes brings tears of joy to all who know them!