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Primate Rescues


A Tribute to Bam Bam

Her owner loved her as an infant, but when she grew up and started to BITE…23 year old Stump Tailed Macaque “Bam Bam” spent the next 18 years of her life locked in the cage pictured above, (and close up photo top right) before she was rescued and transported to the OPR facility. She suffered in silence for so  long. No enrichment, inadequate diet, and breathing black  mold and algae spores for so many years caused critical physical and emotional problems which ultimately claimed her life in November 2005. We will never forget Bam Bam and her will to survive…

Our peace is knowing that the last 9 months of her life were  enriched. She felt the warm sunshine, she heard birds twilling in the distance and she enjoyed companionship from other monkeys. Bam Bam will be in our hearts forever.

Remembering “Amber” 

Amber, sedated during quarantine for medical testing.
Amber sedated during quarantine for medical testing.

Her frail and dehydrated little body was riddled with disease, “Amber” was also suffering from long term dietary deficiencies. Amber  tested positive for every virus in the New World panel, yet her owner was using her as a therapy monkey in nursing homes! She had been suffering for a very long time and for her, help came too late. Her owner wasn’t aware of the seriousness of this little monkeys condition as she had never provided her with veterinary care, or obtained any medical testing.

To prevent further suffering Amber was sadly and humanely euthanized.

For anyone keeping captive primates, providing routine medical testing and veterinary care is critically important for the safety and well-being of the non-human primates as well as the human primates!