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Cosmo | Male Java Macaque | Ex-pet

Cosmo is a real life ‘Curious George’ who can run faster, leap higher and play longer than any of his cousins!

Cosmo loves Teddy bears and ‘girl monkeys’. But the only ones that seem to stay with him long term are the
Teddy Bears!

That’s because ‘girl monkeys’ always find out that he snores at night, he’s very messy, and he leaves the toilet
seat up. In a nutshell he’s just at that awkward age that ‘girl monkeys’ find annoying!

Message from Cosmo: “Gurls are stoopid”

So for Cosmo, we’re back to pairing him with a new buddy, as he will likely do well with another younger and equally annoying male!

His favorite foods are blueberries, tamarind and corn on the cob! (With the husk on)