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Eve | Female Java Macaque | Ex-pet

Eve sucks her thumb, and looks very innocent. She slaps the wall to get her humans attention. She enjoys grooming the arms of her human caretakers but that is usually just a trick to get them close enough to steal something on their person!

Eve was a bully to the other Javas during her juvenile years but has matured and become more reasonable with age. In the Summer of 2017 Eve found a best friend in a young research retiree “Thelma Lou” and the two have become inseparable!

Eve is a true narcissist. She feels that she deserves better and more of everything that is good than anyone else! She can count, and if she isn’t given three times the amount of whatever the others are getting, she throws a tantrum of epic magnitude!

Her favorite foods are red grapes (NOT GREEN) she will throw green ones out of her enclosure, act like you’ve done something terrible, and pout!