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Grandpa | Male Capuchin | Ex-pet

Grandpa is an ex-pet Capuchin who found his way to OPR when he was 28 years old. He had suffered most of his adult life from untreated periodontal disease, chronic infection, and malnutrition. The infection rotted away two holes in the oral tissue creating an opening between the roof of his mouth and his sinus cavity! His teeth were fractured and mal-aligned, and he couldn’t eat! On arrival Grandpa’s chances for survival seemed grim. After a 5-hour surgery to repair the damage, he remained in the hospital for ongoing medical care for almost a year. But he survived, recovered, and is thriving at OPR!

A monkey’s eyes are windows into their souls… and if you look, you can see so much! Their feelings matter, and that is why we work so hard to make a positive difference in their lives! My hope, my dreams and my prayers are for a kinder world for animals and humans alike!