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Jack | Male Java Macaque | Ex-pet / Animal Abuse Case

Jack is an avid swimmer and spends a great deal of time diving into the macaque pool and searching for hidden treasures.

Because of his abusive and unfortunate past, Jack has no coping skills and has emotional issues. While he no longer injures himself, he still ‘sham bites’ his foot if he becomes excited, anxious, or frustrated for any reason, good or bad!

Like with humans, early age traumatic events can affect monkeys on a behavioral / emotional level throughout their lives.

Since Jack found a great friend in Louise, his sham biting episodes have decreased in frequency, but likely will continue throughout his lifetime.

In the evening Jack snuggles with ‘Louise’ and enjoys watching TV before falling asleep!

His favorite foods are walnuts in the shell and fresh blueberry’s on the branches.