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Jala | Female Java Macaque | Neglect /Animal Abuse Case

Jala’s prognosis for survival was grim. While she has doubled her weight and her mobility has improved, Jala still has a long road to recovery.

From chronic lack of food and water, and consuming non food items for so many grueling years, Jala’s intestinal tract was permanently damaged. For 12 years Jala was hidden as a secret in the basement and nearly starved to death!

Every day when Jala is fed, she becomes vocally excited and thanks us before she eats.

Jala loves to play in the water and has found many friends at OPR. She is one of the sweetest souls we have ever encountered.

Jala lives with special needs monkey ‘Tyler’ and enjoys protected contact grooming when he is ‘in the mood’. Jala can visit her cousins in adjacent buildings but seems to prefer hanging out with Tyler in the special needs area!

Jala will never again fear the hand of a human!