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Mandy Pants | Female Java Macaque | Ex-pet

Mandy uses sign language to invite her human caretakers or other monkeys to groom her. She also signs when she wants more food.

Mandy is a bit chubby as she seems to have a slow metabolism, so we offer her lower calorie meals. Her favorite snacks are pink lady apples and tamarind.

Mandy is a sweet, sensitive monkey whom is very reactive to her environment and situations within her life.

In 2019 Mandy’s best friend and roommate of 20 years ‘Keiki’, lost his life to cancer.

Monkeys, like humans, grieve at the loss of loved ones. The loss of Keiki has been very difficult for Mandy and we are working hard to help Mandy overcome her loss.

We will be pairing Mandy with a new monkey friend as soon as she is ready!

Our hearts are broken for Mandy’s loss! RIP sweet Keiki! You will never be forgotten!