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Severus | Male Rhesus Macaque | Retired from Research

When Severus first arrived he wasn’t quite sure about going outdoors to explore. Until this moment in his life he never knew outdoors even existed! He didn’t seem at all afraid, just a bit curious as he cautiously peeked every now and again through a tunnel that provided him access to this unfamiliar area with lush pastures and trees surrounding his new home.

For the first few weeks he remained indoors getting to know the other monkeys, exploring all of his new swings, ledges, toys, and even a big screen TV where he could watch Animal Planet! But while that outdoor area was interesting, it seemed a bit overwhelming and he thought it might be somewhere he shouldn’t be!

The day he found the courage to venture outdoors, I sat and cried tears of overwhelming joy as I watched him realize this was the first of many more best days of his life to come!

Welcome to OPR my friend, where you will be loved, well cared for, and happy for the rest of your days!